Hi! I’m Rebecca, I work as a hairdresser in sunny Manchester, where I spend my days helping people look and feel amazing by getting the hair they’ve always dreamed of. It really is the best job ever! 

One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that people always come to me with similar questions about their hair, and similar misconceptions about how they should take care of it. While I can help my clients one at a time, that’s still a lot of people who are doing things which aren’t right for their hair every day. That’s why I decided to create this website.

I want to use this website as a platform to get my knowledge out into the wider world, providing everyone with the advice they need to ensure their hair’s looking amazing all the time. I know it can be difficult to ask, and not everyone can justify spending loads of money on hair products, so I’ll be working to get all of my knowledge out here for you and recommending products which suit every budget.

If you’ve got any questions which aren’t answered on here, just give me a shout!