The Best Masks to Treat Your Dry Scalp

kerastase specifique anti dandruff treatment

A regular moisturising mask treatment is a must if you want to keep your scalp in perfect shape. While your shampoo and conditioner can go a long way to keeping on top of day-to-day issues, giving a mask the time to really soak in and attack the deeper issues before they build up on a regular basis makes all the difference.

When you suffer from a dry scalp or similar issues, this is even more important. The right mask for dry scalps partnering with your regular routine will do more than keep the issue at bay and make you more comfortable, they’ll help to transform your scalp health to amazing.

I’ve got a selection of my favourite masks for dry scalps below, with something there perfect for everyone’s price range.

And if you’re looking for more advice on solving your dry scalp issues, read my other article How to Treat Dry Scalps, which covers everything you need to transform your scalp from dry and drab to awesome and healthy!


  1. Luxury Masks for Dry Scalps
  2. High End Dry Scalp Masks
  3. A Mid-Range Mask
  4. My Favourite Budget Option

A luxury mask for dry scalps

Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mas

omorovicza revitalising scalp mask

If you’ve got the budget available and you’re looking for the height of luxury treatments for your dry scalp, the Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mask is everything you’ve been waiting for!

Coming from Budapest in Hungary, this mask features all the usual ingredients you’d expect of a luxury hair mask designed to help resolve your dry scalp issues plus one extra-special addition: Hungarian Moor Mud. The benefits of moor mud have been well-researched, it combines with the soothing, exfoliating ingredients already present to detoxify and purify your scalp: improving circulation and reducing any irritation and swelling.

All of this combines to help make your scalp the healthiest it’s ever been – you’ll forget you ever had problems.

Best of all? It’s a speedy one to use: you can apply it once a week and wash it through after 10-20 minutes, making it easy to use every weekend to keep your scalp in tip-top shape.

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A high-end treatment

Kérastase Specifique Cure Anti-Pelliculaire Anti-Recidive Treatment

Kérastase Specifique Cure Anti-Pelliculaire Anti-Recidive Treatment

If you’re looking for something to provide a quick, short-term fix from your dandruff woes, this treatment from Kérastase may be just what you need.

Designed to eliminate flakes and ease discomfort caused by dry scalps, this is a four week treatment which delves deep into your scalp to quickly resolve your issues. If you’ve got quite severe issues, or you’ve got a big event coming up which your dandruff has to be solved for, I’d recommend this as a quick-fix solution.

You simply need to apply it three times a week to dry hair for four weeks (I’d recommend in the morning before your usual styling routine) to hit your dandruff where it hurts.

While this isn’t recommended as a long term solution, and you should get a regular mask to use after the four weeks are up, it will help you get on top of your dandruff and dry scalp issues incredibly quickly and leave your hair in great shape for the future.

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Mid-range mask

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment

Well known for his amazing range of hair care products, this Paul Mitchell treatment combines the soothing effects of tea tree and willow bark with soy proteins, panthenol, vitamin E and shea butter to create a scalp mask which combines to sooth your dry scalp and strengthen your hair.

This product was designed to provide great all-round care for your hair and works perfectly as a follow-up to a more intense anti-dandruff treatment. The ingredients will keep your scalp moisturised while strengthening your hair and removing the environment toxins which have built up throughout the day.

You can apply this in the shower – simply massage it in for three to five minutes before rinsing out. Use it around three times a week to keep on top of your scalp health.

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A budget option

Salon Science Hydrasorb Intensive Scalp Moisture Mask with Aquacacteen for A Dry, Itchy Scalp

Salon Science Hydrasorb Intensive Scalp Moisture Mask with Aquacacteen for A Dry, Itchy Scalp

Nourishing and gentle, this mask has been designed by the team at Salon Science with one specific goal in mind: scalp hydration.

The mask contains natural plant extracts, including rare organic cactus, which work together to rehydrate your hair and scalp instantly. This unique, cactus compound solution is what makes this mask so unique, and so special for its price point, with the water-binding compounds making your scalp more hydrated than it’s ever been.

You can use this mask just once a week to provide a much-needed hydration boost for your scalp, making it easy to fit into your current hair care routine. If you’re suffering from a dry scalp, this mask will help keep it moisturised and healthy for years to come.

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