The Best Shampoo for Type 3 Curly Hair

Finding the best shampoo for type 3 curly hair can be quite problematic. Although it initially seems as simple as buying some shampoo from a well known brand and calling it a day, this often won’t be right for your curls and leave them dry and lifeless.

In this article, I’ll go through four of the best shampoos for your type 3 curly hair plus give you a bonus tip and product suggestion! Whether you have the money to purchase the best of the best; or you’re on a bit of a bargain hunt, I’ll help you find exactly what you need. 

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Luxury shampoo for type 3 curls

Unite Boing! Curl Shampoo

unite boing curl shampoo

Boing! Curl Shampoo uses its amazing hydrating cream-to-foam formula to gently cleanse the hair as well as restoring elasticity and shine. This leaves your curls feeling healthy, hydrated and frizz-free.  

One great thing about the Unite Boing! Curl Shampoo is that it’s great for all curl types. It uses coconut extracts to gently cleanse the hair and restore its natural pH balance. It also contains vegetable proteins which are used to help strengthen, protect and nourish each strand of hair. The Boing Curl Shampoo also contains plant-sourced vitamins and oils which help replenish and retain all that moisture for the ultimate curl control.

High-end shampoo for type 3 curly hair

Sebastian Professional Twisted shampoo

Sebastian Professional Twisted shampoo for type 3 curly hair

The Sebastian Professional Twisted shampoo is immersed with Flexi Alg complex. This fights daily frizz and dryness for natural-looking definition and bounce. It gently washes in the moisture and injects each strand with elasticity for much easier styling. Glycerin and Panthenol also work together to add body and definition for stronger, longer-lasting bounce. 

This specific shampoo was created and dedicated to curly hair, so using it makes your hair feel gorgeously touchable with flexible curls that last all day long. It’s no wonder it took home the 2018 best of beauty award for best shampoo and conditioner for curly hair!  

Mid-range shampoo for type 3 curly hair

Grow Gorgeous Curl Defining shampoo

Grow Gorgeous Curl Defining shampoo

The Grow Gorgeous Curl Defining shampoo works wonders on your type 3 curly hair, cleansing your curls without removing their natural moisture and essential oils. This shampoo strengthens your natural curl structure by controlling the volume and reducing frizz, while the allantoin extracts, soothes and conditions your hair from the root down to the tip. 

Its skincare ingredients work to help nourish your scalp, including oat lipids to help strengthen your hair’s natural barrier and its ability to keep moisture. This shampoo is gentle but it works very well, this shampoo will help to keep your hair bouncy and frizz-free. Grow gorgeous is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free and created without parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates or Mineral oil. If you want to strengthen your natural curls and reduce fizz but aren’t looking to spend a fortune, Grow Gorgeous might be the one for you!

Budget Shampoo for type 3 curly hair 

Davine’s Love Curl shampoo

Davine’s Love Curl shampoo

Davine’s is an Italian hair care label taking salons around the world by storm. They only use fair production methods, all-natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Combine this with decades of scientific knowledge on treating and nourishing all kinds of hair and you’re really onto a winner!

A curl-enhancing shampoo enriched with almond extract, it’s designed to moisturise textured hair in order to boost shine and manageability.

*Top Tip* 

If you feel like curly hair shampoos are too heavy for your hair, I’d recommend a volumising shampoo and a smoothing or hydrating conditioner. There’s an article on conditioners for type 3 curly hair too! But I am going to recommend 2 of my favourite volumising shampoos here as well! 

Volumising shampoos for type 3 curly hair 

Sebastian Professional Volupt Volumising shampoo

Sebastian Professional Volupt Volumising shampoo

This shampoo boosts volume and deeply cleanses your hair. Developed with revolutionary cushioning particles and natural bamboo extract, Sebastian Professional volumising shampoo leaves your hair full of volume and soft to the touch. This colour safe shampoo was designed to give a fuller look and lightness to your hair while also enhancing the style.  So if you want those fuller-looking, soft to touch curls, I highly recommend that you give this shampoo a try. 

Unite Cleanse & Condition shampoo

The Unite Cleanse & Condition shampoo works to increase hair body and volume without adding any weight. Unite’s unique formula keeps your hair moisturised and healthy and gives your hair a gorgeous sheen whilst protecting the hair and providing it with a gentle cleanse. 

This shampoo will give you weightless volume and is also colour safe. Unite is also a brand suitable for all hair types and one I use in the salon constantly, so it always comes with my highest recommendation.

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