The Best Shampoo for Type 4 Curls

If you’re here then you’re probably having some difficulty finding the right shampoo for your type 4 curly hair. The majority of shampoos, even those claiming to be specifically for curly hair, just aren’t made for type 4 curls and can do more harm than good – going through to find the perfect shampoo is exhausting.

Using regular shampoo, i.e shampoo that anyone can use might also stop your hair from reaching its full potential. I’m here to help you figure things out. 

In this article, I’ll go through four of the best shampoos for type 4 curls. Whether you have the cash to purchase the best of the best, or need a bit of a bargain, I’m here to help you find what you need!

If you’re looking for everything you can possibly do so your hair feels and looks its best, check out this guide on how to take care of curly hair.


Luxury Shampoo for type 4 curls 

Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Enriching shampoo 

Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Enriching shampoo 

The Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Enriching shampoo is a perfect option for your type 4 curls. It gently cleanses fragile hair using a special combination of nourishing oils to go through each strand of hair. The rich, softening formula helps to bring back moisture and smooths those rough cuticles to help tame even the toughest of frizz and make your hair much easier to manage. It’s even suitable for anyone with very dry, damaged or even very processed hair. 

This shampoo is vegan-friendly and is packed full of those nourishing oils which help to make your hair softer and much stronger. With many Afro-Caribbean hair types or naturally tightly curled hair, your hair is prone to damage and breakage, this is the ideal shampoo to help take care of that and take care of those beautiful curls! 

High-end shampoo for type 4 curls

Macadamia professional care & treatment Ultra rich shampoo

Macadamia professional care & treatment Ultra rich shampoo

The Macadamia professional care & treatment shampoo was specifically designed for those with very coarse and coiled hair. It was created in order to control and repair damaged very curly dry hair. It contains Macadamia’s exclusive Pro oil complex, Macadamia and Argan oils which gives you a weightless moisture and helps to strengthen those hair strands. 

It is packed with Avocado and mongongo oils which help to reduce frizz and smooth out your hair cuticles. This combination of nutrients helps leave your hair amazingly soft with a naturally healthy-looking finish. This shampoo is also sulphate and paraben-free, suitable for colour treated hair and is also vegan friendly! 

Mid-range type 4 curly hair shampoo

L’Anza KB2 Daily Clarifying shampoo

L’Anza KB2 Daily Clarifying shampoo

The L’Anza KB2 daily clarifying shampoo is an ideal daily-use shampoo. It’s a gentle shampoo that helps to remove build-up residue without drying out the scalp. 

This particular range has a Keratin Bond 2 complex which makes use of the keratin proteins naturally found in the hair which help strengthen and protect it. This is boosted with antioxidant vitamins and organic botanicals to stop ageing and leave the hair soft, glossy and silky. 

It also helps to keep the colour truer for longer and restores the moisture where it is needed the most.

Budget option shampoo for type 4 curly hair

KeraCare 1st Lather shampoo 

KeraCare 1st Lather shampoo 

The KeraCare 1st Lather shampoo is the perfect shampoo to get your hair in beautiful condition. It’s suitable for all hair textures and designed to work deeply to cleanse the hair of oil, dirt and also any build-up from any styling products that you may use. This shampoo produces a rich lather which cleans the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. 

Your hair will be left clean, cleansed and will react much better to any conditioning treatments and final styling. Use this shampoo before conditioning to get your hair in much more beautiful condition. 

Rebecca Johnston

I've been hairdressing for almost a decade, during that time I noticed I keep getting asked the same questions by people about their hair, and loads have the same misconceptions.

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